Managing Remote Teams and Face-to-face Meetings in the Time of Coronavirus

18 Mar 17:00 by THE MONDAY GROUP

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is changing the way we do business, with the majority of organisations embracing remote operations to protect their staff and clients while maintaining productivity. 

THE MONDAY GROUP is very aware that this is a highly stressful time for the events and hospitality industries and we want you to know that we stand with you and are facing the same challenges. While no-one is certain when this pandemic will pass, it’s more important than ever to be checking in with your team, maintaining strong relationships in your network, and building your talent pipeline so that you’re ready when the economy recovers.   

The changing work environment can feel overwhelming and difficult to manage, but there are some excellent, cost-effective software options and resources you can use to collaborate and “meet” remotely. Hopefully, these 5 user-friendly options and best practice tips help you cut through the “tech fog” to find face-to-face event alternatives, stay connected with your team and organise recruitment interviews in the days/weeks/months ahead. 

Skype is probably the most well-known telecommunications app, which most people already have installed on their computer, tablets and mobile phones. Skype offers free online calls, messaging (text, video, audio and image) as well as affordable international calls to mobiles and landlines. It also has a “Share Screen” function, which is ideal for coaching and training purposes when you need your participants to see what you are doing.  

Zoom is a leading cloud-based video communications platform which offers a viable alternative to face to face events, through video and audio conferencing, as well as webinars. Zoom Basic is their free version, but they also offer other more comprehensive plans with features such as cloud recording, higher participant numbers and longer meeting duration. It will depend on how you want to use it and what kind of events you are using this as a “remote” alternative 

Loom is a free screencasting software which allows you to record your camera and screen simultaneously with audio. You can download your video, embed it on your blog, or share it via social media. Founder, Joe Thomas, uses Loom to save time in his own business by making introductions, introducing new product features to customers, recruitment outreach and onboarding new employees. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic and the global increase in working remotely, Loom has removed recording limits on their free plan, cut the price of Loom Pro by 50% and extended trials of Loom Pro to 30 days through to 1st July. (See video below) 


Microsoft Teams is the new popular tool in the Microsoft Office 365 services. It’s a chat-based collaboration tool providing remote teams with the ability to share live team conversations, files, meetings, and apps together in a shared space. Ideal for when you are working on projects.  

WhatsApp / FaceTime are more basic, free communication app options used for text messaging, video calls as well as sharing images and documents.  Most people have this on their mobile devices. While it is okay for use with your internal team, it may not be considered as “professional” for external calls and screening potential new hires- depending on your business of course. Please note that FaceTime is not available with android devices. 

While it does feel a bit doom and gloom right now, we’re lucky to live in a world that has the technology available for organisations to continue business as usual. Whether it is staying in touch with your team, working on projects, hosting events or recruiting your new star employee, the above options have you covered.

A version of this article also featured in Spice Magazine.

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