More than just a hospitality recruitment agency

How we are different

Put simply, THE MONDAY GROUP know talent.

Our team understands that the top talent in the Events, Hospitality, Hotel and Experiential Marketing space, are looking for more than just another job, they are seeking challenges and growth. 

We know that to hire the best people, companies need to engage them differently. THE MONDAY GROUP tailors our recruitment strategy for each individual hire – assessing how and where to source the top Event and Hospitality talent, using the best screening and interviewing techniques, and crafting your job descriptions. 

Professional communicators & matchmakers

THE MONDAY GROUP are experts at identifying the skills and experience your job vacancy requires, whether that be for an Event Manager or Hotel General Manager, and communicating your company's value proposition to prospective candidates in the best possible way and the most appropriate channels.

Our thorough vetting process and extensive talent networks in the Events, Hospitality, Hotel and Experiential Marketing industries, provide you with greater numbers of qualified, culturally aligned candidates in far less time compared to most businesses’ internal recruitment systems.

Getting the job done

  • Deep talent pools of pre-qualified candidates across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore and Bali

  • Extensive market mapping of the Events and Hospitality industries 

  • Industry experts – our team possess extensive experience working "in the field" in Events, Hospitality and Hotels

  • Effective technology – allowing fast and secure communication

  • Best practice recruitment processes – uncompromising quality and integrity

  • People-centric – at our core, we are customer service professionals, skilled at the craft of recruitment

  • Privacy – we understand the meaning of trust, confidence and discretion  

More than just a recruitment agency.

Unlike your average recruitment agency who typically focus solely on placing candidates in open job vacancies and moving on, THE MONDAY GROUP provide businesses in the Events, Hospitality and Hotel industries with valuable support at every stage of the employment cycle. 

Our team are committed to understanding your business on a deeper level and working with you long term. The recruitment solutions we provide enable our clients to not only attract and recruit great staff but also retain your best employees for longer. 

The Employment Cycle 

Discover better ways to engage talent at all stages of the employment cycle.